The Origin

KAT Charities grew out of the enthusiasm both of us have for creatures of all kinds. We have been operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization since both founders, CEO Karen Tyson and Vice President Beth Doughty, decided to collaborate in 2019, but their love for the well-being of all animals has been a lifelong journey for each.

Karen, who has an Oahu practice in Neuropsychology and family therapy, and Beth, a long-time special education teacher, have each been involved in the animal rescue community wherever they have lived since their early days. When they met several years ago, they bonded over a shared interest in making life better for Oahu's feral cat population. That enthusiasm quickly morphed into successful trapping, neutering and adoption efforts around the island.

The Rescue

Animials enter our care through a variety of different channels

Some animals are pulled directly off the street by one of our volunteers, usually because they appear to be young, sick, or injured.

We also receive animals from community members who have noticed a homeless animal in need of care.

KAT Charities is part of a network of animal rescue organizations across Oahu who sometimes reach out when they need assistance.

Regardless of how an animal comes to us, they all go through the same process.

The Future

Now we want to combine our specialties in nurturing children and adults with mental disabilities with a passion to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and adopt out animals to loving homes. KAT Charities is currently in the initial phases of building out an animal adoption cafe and training center in Aiea. Toe Beans & Dreams will feature coffee, tea, snacks, baked goods and other yummies in a comfy cafe atmosphere, with a delightful twist.

Much like Kaimuki's Popoki + Tea, which partners KAT Charities for adoptions, we plan to make "Toe Beans" - named, of course, after the cute little pads on the bottom of a kitty's feet - an inclusive neighborhood community.

Our staff will consist primarily of special needs individuals, who will learn on the job: cooking, cleaning, serving and working with the KAT Charities staff. Our mission is to empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing jobs and training to help them lead fulfilling lives, while connecting Oahu with the loving furry friends we have rescued. We hope our Oahu ohana will continue to collaborate with KAT Charities in our rescue and expanded training efforts.